13 - 14 September 2021
Zagreb, Croatia
Ms. Sarah Langnese, Kreativ Kultur Berlin
Ms. Janani Ramanathan, FWAAS


Creative Future Insights 2021 is the International Scientific Conference about the creative industry and its role in today's economy. The goal of the conference is to bring scientists and experts from different areas to present their papers and discuss the fastest growing sector of the EU economy.
For many different reasons the awareness of the importance of creative industries has been growing in the EU in the past twenty years. The importance of creative and cultural industries is supported by the fact that they directly or indirectly employ 12 million people in the EU and account for 4.5% of the EU GDP. At the same time, they are the fastest growing sector of the EU economy. At the European Union policy level, creative and cultural industries have been recognized as one of the prime movers of social and territorial cohesion, creativity and innovation with positive effects “spilling over” into the rest of the economy and society in general. At the end of 2012, the European Commission proposed a new programme for culture and media for the financial period from 2014 to 2020 under the name Creative Europe 2014-2020 replacing the previous Culture Programme 2007-2013. The aim of the Programme was to give a boost to the mobility of artists and works of art and encourage multi-cultural dialogue. The general aims of Creative Europe 2020 were to foster preserving and promoting European cultural and language diversity and strengthening the competitiveness of cultural and creative sector in order to promote smart and sustainable growth.


Tajana Barbić, The Institute of Economics, Croatia

Slađana Benković, Faculty of Organisational Science, Serbia

Nikolina Borčić, Vern University, Croatia

Jelena Budak, The Institute of Economics, Croatia

Audra Diers Lawson, Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom

Mirela Holy, Vern University, Croatia

Ioannis Kostopoulos, Liverpool John Moore University, United Kingdom

Rachel Kovacs, City University of New York, United States of America

Rino Medić, VERN' University, Croatia

Unang Mulkhan, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Lampung University, Indonesia

Stana Odak Krasić, Vern University, Croatia

Ozana Ramljak, Vern University, Croatia

Ivana Rašić, The Institute of Economics, Croatia

Marija Slijepčević, Vern University, Croatia

Ivo Šlaus, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Croatia

Nikolina Štefančić, Vern University, Croatia

Tomislav Štuka, Vern University, Croatia

Martina Topić, Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom

Danijela Unić, Vern University, Croatia

Kevin Visconti, Columbia University, United States of America